Success Principle7 Billionaire Habits of Success (Golden Rules to Become Rich)

7 Billionaire Habits of Success (Golden Rules to Become Rich)

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Rule #1 is to commit to extreme wealth and not just dream about it.

Many people dream of being rich but will never commit the time or effort to get there.

Following this rule means having a clear sense that money is a critical, if not the critical—objective.

Look for ways to grow wealth by purchasing courses and training to learn how the rich made their riches.

Dreamers are not doers, and dreamers never become wealthy.

Rule #2 is to engage in rational thinking based on numbers and research.

Rational financial thinking takes many forms.

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One example is making decisions based on solid financial projections.

Another example can be seen during negotiations.

Skilled negotiation is at the art of successful economic endeavors.

As Bill Gates said: “In business, you don’t get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate.”

Rule #3 is to swim in pools where massive amounts of money lives.

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