Wealth MindsetBillionaire Brain Training (How Billionaires Think About Money)

Billionaire Brain Training (How Billionaires Think About Money)

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Have you ever wondered how billionaires think that might be different than you?

In this billionaire brain training video, I’m going to explain how billionaires think.

After you finish watching this video, you’ll be armed with the billionaire brain training you can use to change your life.

Surveys show that 45% of billionaires were in the top 1% of cognitive ability.

Are their brains really different than yours, or do they just use their brainpower differently than you do?

Financial success isn’t magic, although it might seem that it is.

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Massive wealth is a cause-and-effect relationship where your actions profoundly impact whether you become a success or failure.

Massive wealth doesn’t happen by chance.

It happens by taking specific actions that I will detail in this video.

What will cause you to take action depends on your thinking about wealth.

It’s your analysis, rationalization, decision making, tradeoffs, and problem-solving abilities that determine your wealth.

Guess what part of you is responsible for these functions?

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