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The secret is collecting and using feedback. 

What does feedback have to do with succeeding? 

Feedback is defined as a “reaction to any type of event.”

Feedback is essential to success because it reveals why and how something happened in the first place.

People don’t usually pay attention to feedback because they are preoccupied with what was said or what was done as opposed to focusing on the reaction/feedback after something was said or done.

Here’s a good example: sales people who use “selling scripts” to encourage customers to buy something.

I often encounter salespeople who give me their entire spiel while ignoring my input as to what I actually need from their store.

I often have to wait for the other person to finish before he starts listening to what I have to say.

As you can already imagine, such salespeople can miss numerous sales because they are too focused on giving customers their sales pitches.

How can you use feedback to analyze any success or setback?

Instead of throwing in the towel or feeling angry with yourself when you are faced with any kind of setback, use a feedback method to learn from the experience so you can plan well for your next attempt.

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Oscar DeLa Cruz
Oscar DeLa Cruz

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