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2.      Recycling of Mobile Phones

Another easy thing you can do to make money in college is by recycling of phones.

Some companies are especially interested in this and you would be doing them a favor.

Plus, nature will be absolutely pleased with you.

The earning potential is quite good as you can earn at least $100 with just one sale.

However, be prepared as sales can vary depending on the type of mobile phones being recycled.

So if you feel you are a good salesman, you should totally check this out.

3.      Take Online Surveys

Surveys are another excellent way of making money.

Most companies want to hear your opinions.

They pay you just for this.

So in your spare time in the university or college, take time out to answer some survey questions.

However, you can’t earn so much with surveys as they pay a very small amount in reward.

This method is best mixed with other sources of income.

iPoll and New Vista are examples of good surveys.

If you are looking to join other surveys, you can easily find them through Google.

It’s really that easy.

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make money online

Oscar DeLa Cruz
Oscar DeLa Cruz

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